Sunday, November 26, 2006

Awesome Podcasts on Mozart, Beethoven, Schumann, and Haydn from Swedish Public Radio and Danish Public Radio

Classical Music Enthusiasts !

"Read this Carefully and Read it soon".

Swedish Public Radio and Danish Public Radio have some wonderful PodCasts and MP3's on their respective sites on some of the Symphonies of Mozart, Beethoven, Schumann, and Haydn to mention a few.

I really do not know how long these MP3'S are going to remain at these sites.

Check them out at these links as soon as possible.

"8 Concerts of Mozart"


"Beethoven, Schumann, and Haydn at this Link below".


I really do not know why is it that I have missed out this year on some of the best and awesome PodCasts from "Danish Radio and Swedish Radio" on the occassion of Mozart's 250th Birthday.

If there is anyone out there, who has downloaded the first 17 hours, I would be most grateful if you could get back to me or send me those awesome mp3's.

Lastly, if there is anyone who has downloaded those awesome Symphonies of Mozart which were made available by "Danish Public Radio" from January - March 2006-- Please get back to me.

Meanwhile, enjoy before it is too late.

P.S.- Many Thanks to Blogger from "The Overgrown Path" for this information as regards "Swedish Public Radio".


Georgette said...

This is great! I am so glad you got a blog! I can't wait to get my iPod back in running condition (I have been unable to download stuff to it and it does not shuffle; my daughter is supposed to figure out what is wrong with it for me)....these look like terrific downloads!

Happy Christ the King Feast (a day late, but not necessarily a dollar short ;)

I look forward to reading lots of good stuff here :)

DOMINIC said...

Dear Georgette,

Greetings and Many Thanks for your comments.

There will be a strong emphasis on "Sacred Choral Music", "Classical Music", and "Early Rennaissance Music" at my Blog.

I highly recommend that you download these mp3's at the earliest as I am not sure whether they will be available at "Danish and Swedish Public Radio" after the 10th of December.

I believe that the Audio Quality is quite good although I haven't downloaded any yet.

Have a Great Day and keep in touch and Check my Blog as often as you can.

I would specially encourage you to download Mozart's stuff asap from "Swedish Radio".

This Year marks the 250th Anniversary of his birth.