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More on Tomas Luis De Victoria

This is the "Final Edition" of my Post on one of the most awesome Composers of "The Early Rennaissance Period" from Spain.

I found this article extremely interesting as well as insightful as regards Tomas Luis De Victoria.

I am not sure whether I have mentioned this in my first post on Tomas Luis De Victoria, but my all time "Favorite Compositions of Victoria" are 1) Missa Magnum Mysterium, 2) O Vos Omnes, and 3) Ave Maria.

Here is a small snippet of this article for your perusal.


By Jon Dixon

From the magazine Early Music Review (September, 1997)


Tomás Luis de Victoria, arguably the most outstanding composer of the Spanish golden age, ranks with Byrd, Lassus and Palestrina as one of the four greatest composers of the 16th century. He was long overshadowed in public esteem by Palestrina, and it was not until the early 20th century that a complete edition of his works was prepared by the great Spanish scholar Felipe Pedrell.

This is an invaluable and well documented edition to which all subsequent editors are indebted, but, because it makes extensive use of C clefs and presents the music at original written pitch, it has not facilitated the performance of this fine music as much as it deserves.

Later, in the mid 60s and early 70s, two excellent critical editions, now prepared according to modem editorial conventions, were produced in modem clefs and reduced notation by Higinio Anglés and Samuel Rubio. These made the music more accessible and added considerably to our knowledge of the various sources, but neither edition covered the whole of Victoria's output and both presented the music at original pitch.

A number of very useful and well-produced performing editions have also appeared but comparatively little of Victoria's output was covered.

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Check out some new links I have here for your perusal.

1) "Text Version of Masses, Motets, Hymns, and Psalms composed by Victoria"

'Listen to two awesome compositions by Tomas Luis De Victoria'

2) "Ave Maria by Tomas Luis De Victoria"

3) "O Domine Jesu, Motet" by Tomas Luis De Victoria

Lastly, Listen to these awesome "Tenebrae Responsories" composed by Tomas Luis De Victoria.


Note: If anyone is interested in awesome mp3's of Victoria, contact me.

Also, let me know whether you enjoyed reading this second post on Tomas Luis De Victoria.

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