Friday, January 5, 2007

Belated Greetings for the New Year and Check out this Awesome Sacred Music Internet Broadcast

Belated Greetings for the New Year 2007, to all my Blogger Catholic Friends and Supporters whereever they may be.

This was recently brought to my attention that there is a "Unique and Awesome Catholic Internet Station" that is streaming "Sacred Classical Music" of various composers 24-7.

I think this is really great that the works of various composers of "Orchestral Masses and Motets" like Beethoven, Mozart, Palestrina, Josquin Des Prez, and Tomas Luis De Victoria to mention a few are being streamed whether partially or completely for the listening pleasure of souls all over the world.

Here are the Links if anyone is interested.

You can access it either through

or via Live365 at

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